A Walk in the New Forest


It has been more sunny than we expected today so we went out for a walk in the New Forest as my husband found a walk that will take you to an area where you can see deer.  However, we couldn’t find the car park, where the walk starts.  As there was no phone signal around the area we weren’t able to look up online either, so had to give up.  We just had a little walk from another car park we saw, but not long, just about 10 minutes up and down.  There was a pony in the car park and it looked like some people in a car were feeding him/her.  You are not supposed to feed these ponies.


ま、とにかく、そんなわけで15分ほど歩いて夕食のお買い物などしただけで帰って来ました。夕食のお買い物は、Hedge End というところにあるM&Sでしたのですが、これまで見た中で一番大きなM&Sのフードフロアーで品揃えが良かったです。やっぱり、ついつい、お花もチェック。ラナンキュラス(日本で見かけるような、薔薇かと思うような立派なものではなく以前からあるタイプ)、雪柳やテッセンもありました。

Anyway, we walked 15 or 20 minutes only, then went to Hedge End to do some food shopping in M&S.  I think it’s the largest M&S food floor I’ve seen so far, the variation of what they have seemed very large.  Of course, I had to check out the flowers there.  There were pretty Rununculus (not like those that almost look like large roses in Japan, these are what we’ve always had). They had pussy willows and Clematis as well.

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