The Pig

昨日の夕食は、The Pigに行きました。この辺りでとても人気で、コテージをお借りしているお友達がお気に入りのお店。イギリスに数軒あるようです。わたしたちが行ったのはニューフォレストのお店で、滞在しているコテージから車で15分ほど。

We went to “The Pig” for dinner yesterday. It seems to be very popular, my friend told me it was her favourite around here. There are quite a few branches in the UK but we went to the one in The New Forest, about 15 minutes by car from the cottage. The restaurant belongs to a hotel and is full of plants.





Right next to where I sat, there were a lot of herbs.



This bread was delicious!  The best I’ve had in England so far.  The texture of the inside is chewy at the same time as being light and the outside is crispy.  This is, I guess, with wholewheat, dark coloured.  Later they gave us white ones, which wasn’t as nice, it was more ordinary.



My husband had Smoked Salmon for starter.


I had Parsnip Soup.  It was good – not special but good.  In England, they tend to add lots of cream to soups like this but I think this one didn’t have any cream or just a little if any, which I prefer.


My husband’s main was Stalker’s Pie – a venison Cottage Pie.


I had Root Vegetable Pie. I think it had carrot, celeriac and onion.  Both of these pies were so so hot, we had to be very careful not to burn our mouths.  This one had a lot of liquid so I wished I was given a soup spoon but realised it wouldn’t have worked because it was too strongly seasoned to have like soup


For dessert we shared Spotted Dick (with Bird’s Custard!).  I couldn’t find anything I liked, otherwise I would have ordered something else.  I had one or two mouthfuls of this but I’m not a big fan, the sponge seems not sweet enough to me.  I’ve written this before and I understand why my husband likes it because he grew up with it and that’s OK, but I really dislike this artificial Bird’s custard.



We had a bottle of sparkling water and 2 small glasses of red wine; the bill was 90 pounds.

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