Beaulieu (The Art of Belinda, Lady Montagu And Motor Museum)


There was also an exhibition “The Art of Belinda, Lady Montagu” in the Palace House.  Apparently it opened at Easter last year.  Lady Montagu (the mother of the current Lord Montagu) studied at the Central School of Arts and Crafts (now the Central St Martins College of Arts and Design) and did a wide range of work for the family business: designing posters, sourveniers etc.  The exhibition of some of her work included many framed collages similar to the Japanese art of “Oshie”, which I learned and made many of when I lived in Kobe.



This one looks the closest to Ohise, but the birds were made with real feathers and they seriously gross me out.  They do like stuffing animals and birds here…


もう1つ、こ Beaulieu で有名なのが車の博物館。とても広くて驚きました。写真はきりがないので、数枚だけアップします。

Another thing Beaulieu is well known for is the Motor Museum.  It was huge and there were so many cars, I’m going to upload just a few photos.



We drove back seeing some ponies again.

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