Spotting Deer


We had a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and a blue sky. Finally! Like I wrote, my husband was doing sun bathing in the morning but we went out after lunch to the deer spotting place “Boulderwood”. The first time we went there we couldn’t find the place, the second time it started to rain just as we got there. This was our third try. The car park was full yesterday as it was a Sunday but it looked quite empty today. The temperature was 11C and it was sunny. You still need a coat but it felt nice with a coat on.


The green in front of the car park.


We were wondering how far we’d have to walk from the car park to the deer spotting place, but it was right there.


However, a family with little children was making lots of noise and running around. Why would you go to a deer spotting place to do that? There was no way that any deer would come close when it’s so noisy so we walked into the woods away from the noise. We walked for about 10 minutes, saw some ponies but no deer.


So we turned around and started to walk back, when we saw a herd of deer! I guess there were about 10 of them including a white one or two. They came from the field and ran right across the path we were on, close enough for us to see clearly but not close enough to get a good photo with my phone. They were gone so fast. The first shot is the best one, it’s enlarged a lot so not good quality, but you can see them in between the 2 trees and to the left.


Under the green leaves of a tree.


Beyond the wooden bench.


So glad we saw them.

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