We Love Tea



We bought a few packets of tea leaves when we were in London. We would have liked to get some in Paris also but ran out of time with our hasty exit last week.


Until we moved to England, it used to be just on weekends when my husband and I would have afternoon tea. Although I would have tea alone or with my friends during the week I would mostly use just Earl Grey or Strawberry tea, which are my favourites. My friends would often give me tea as presents and I used to buy some myself, too, but the majority used to go unused. However since my husband retired we have tea in the afternoon almost every day, and I sometimes have some on my own as well, instead of the cold sparkling water that I used to drink in Singapore, as it’s cold here. I didn’t bring a lot of the tea that we had from Singapore and good tea isn’t easily available if the countryside where we live, so we bought quite a lot on our last two visits to London.


This time we bought 7 different teas altogether. Classic Earl Grey, Wild Strawberry, Pearl Jasmin and Gun Powder, all from Fortnum & Mason, as well as Taiwan Oolong, Shizuoka Gyokuro, and Matcha (no photo) from a Tea Shop called “ Jing”. It gives me a little pleasure to have a few different tea and trying to choose one at each tea time.

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