Fried Rice



Today’s lunch was fried rice using frozen rice (1 pack of Japanese rice and 1 pack of, I think, basmati rice).  I sautéed onion, cabbage and sliced sausage (bought frozen from a Japanese grocery shop, they are very different from English sausages, very smoky and the skin is crispy, if not frozen you can eat without cooking), then added rice and sautéed longer, then seasoned with schiracha sauce, Tonkatsu sauce & Japanese Worcestershire sauce. My husband doesn’t like fried rice you get in Chinese restaurants, I guess it’s because of the particular smell of Chinese rice (and it’s usually seasoned very lightly so you can smell it well), but he always enjoyed Sobameshi in Japanese restaurants (fried rice & chopped up noodles with some vegetables) so I thought he may like this one and it looked like he did.


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