Sun Bathing In Our Garden


It was another beautiful day today, we would have gone out somewhere if the situation were different. Since we moved to England in November, the weather has been dreadful and I don’t think we had good weather more than 2 days in a row, but apparently we are having good weather all week.  When we left home a month ago, the lawn was so wet and had a few puddles but it’s nice and dry now.  We should have it mowed but I don’t think we can now.


There are a few white narcissus flowers are out (nearly gone).  I saw some long leaves coming out near the hyacinth I blogged about, so I was expecting them but sadly the peak is gone now.  I also see a small bunch of Muscari flowers.


I haven’t been able to sleep at night recently so I was in bed until late again this morning.  It’s not as if we have somewhere to go to for a while.  My husband did a lot of things for the house in the morning while I was in bed, so after lunch he had a little sunbathing again – I had to ask him to put the hood up again as he was getting the direct sun on his back.


When we moved in it was in the beginning of winter and the garden wasn’t getting much sun, but now it gets quite a lot.  In the morning the sun is on the table near the house and in the afternoon it moves to where my husband is sitting.




And I did lots of ironing.  I used a lot of table clothes to cover things up or pack gaps in boxes during the renovation time, and also there was a large pile of napkins that I hadn’t ironed before we went away.  We forgot to have tea at 4.00pm yesterday and today being busy – or sun bathing in my husband’s case today.


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