Is It Summer Already? / Tea In The Garden


Wow!! What is going on with this weather in England?  It was up to 22C!!  That is a temperature you get in the summer in England.  The forecast says it’s going to be warm for the next one week or so.  It is very cool in the shade as it’s very dry, though.  We had tea in the garden for the first time since we moved.








My husband was working very hard in the garden from early in the morning.  He bought a lawn mowing robot but the set-up seems to be a lot of work, laying the boundary cable. He would have asked someone to come and set it up under normal circumstances (which would have taken only about an hour as they have a machine for that) but he couldn’t do that because of the lockdown, so he has been doing it himself manually.  We don’t even have normal gardening tools so it looks like very hard work specially with the direct sun on him.  He thinks he’s done about a half and he will do the other half tomorrow.  (He is wearing my uv cut hat!).



It looks like there is a cherry tree in the school field behind us.  My husband said he noticed it for the first time today, too.






When the weather is so lovely, I feel like having some BBQ.  We haven’t bought one yet…



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