Pasta Gratin


We used the other half of the mince beef we that we bought and had used for Moussaka to make a ragu (meat sauce), mixed it with cooked pasta and put it in a gratin dish then poured white sauce, bread crumbs and cheese and cooked in the oven.  There wasn’t enough white sauce so I poured in some cream, which made it too watery and the white sauce and the ragu got mixed, I think.  For me it’s nicer when the white sauce is on top separately from the ragu and pasta mixture. Anyway, it was enjoyable enough.











Although I don’t write it on my blog usually, we almost always have some sort of fruit after dinner as a dessert.  Today, we had pineapple, but it wasn’t very sweet and rather sour, so I made mint sugar and sprinkled it over.  I used to make this often many years ago and is from one of the Jamie Oliver books.  All you do is sort of grind mint leaves and sugar together a little in a mortar.  If you use too much mint leaves it’ll become slushy so I try not to use too much.  Thanks to the mint sugar we were able to enjoy the pineapple.


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