Senior Moment


Today’s dinner was going to be simplified Bibimbap (you are supposed to stir-fry each vegetable separately, season it separately and put them nicely on rice but I was going to just stir-fry everything together including rice and season it with Gochujan to mimic the taste but much easier) and Gyoza from the freezer (that needed to be eaten soon).  We prepared the vegetables we need for Bibimbap and I was going to defrost rice but I could not find any rice!  In my head, I could picture 2 packs of rice I froze recently that were left-over when I cooked rice but they just were not there….  I must’ve used them for some lunch or dinner.  So we decided to try the frozen ramen with gyoza.   I should have added something to the ramen and should have cooked gyoza a little longer for better colour and better crunch, but they were both good.




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