Herby Chicken with Red Onion Mash and Garlicky Green Beans

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「Herby Chicken with Red Onion Mash and Garlicky Green Beans(ハーブたっぷりのチキンと赤玉ねぎ入りマッシュポテトとニンニク風味のいんげん)でした。

Today’s dinner was “Herby Chicken with Red Onion Mash and Garlicky Green Beans.

ここではちょっと和食を食べにということができないこともあり、Hello Fresh ではわたしたちはアジア料理っぽいものをオーダーすることが多いのですが、時々意識して西洋料理をオーダーしています。今日のチキンがその1つ。西洋料理はお肉を焼いてポテトを焼くかマッシュして何か茹で野菜を添える、というようなシンプルなものが多いのであまりオーダーしないのですが、アジア料理ばかりでも飽きてしまいます。

As it’s not possible for us to go out to a Japanese restaurant for dinner (not because of the lockdown, there aren’t any around here anyway), we tend to order more Asian food on Hello Fresh but sometimes we try to order a western dish – we get tired of having one type of cuisine if we have it too often.  We ordered this chicken dish for this reason.  In general, western menus on Hello Fresh are very simple and we find it not very interesting, and that’s another reason why we tend to order Asian food.


Mashed potato is mixed with fried red onion.  The chicken breast was topped with some mayo, then a mixture of herbs and bread crumbs before being baked in the oven at 200C for 30 minutes.  I remember when we had one of their cutlet type of menu, we used mayo instead of egg and flour to coat with bread crumb, which I thought was a great idea, but this one was also a great idea.  As western mayo doesn’t taste very strong (Japanese mayo has stronger flavour with some acidity but is lighter) I guess this is so that the bread crumbs will not fall off.   Green beans were first stir-fried in a frying pan for a few minutes, then garlic was added then water was added so it’s steamed in a little water with a lid on.  This is the method I often use for green vegetables like green beans, broccoli etc.









The chicken breast was juicy and tender, the breadcrumbs crispy and flavoured with herbs, and it was very nice.  However, both my husband and I are not too fond of dry food so we would have liked it with a little sauce..  Maybe we could have squeezed some lemon juice over.  Still, that’s just us, we thought it was a very good recipe.  Personally I would have preferred having one more vegetable and less potato – they always give you so much potato.


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