Ginger Beef Noodles with Green Beans and Red Pepper


The weather has turned colder and very grey and it rained a little today.  The temperature dropped down to around 12C, which is a bit chilly.  However, our bedroom upstairs goes up to 24C, which is too warm when you are in bed, and it’s around 21C or 22C downstairs, we’d turned the central heating off some weeks ago so no heating is on.  I guess it’s well insulated because this is a new house.

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「Ginger Beef Noodles with Green Beans and Red Pepper」(生姜風味のビーフヌードル、インゲンと赤パプリカと一緒に)でした。生姜は結構たっぷりあったのですが、余り風味が出ていませんでした。すりおろすより千切りやみじん切りの方が生姜の風味が感じられて美味しいと思います。ライムの皮とライム汁が入りますが味付けはケチャップマニスとお醤油だけなので、普通に美味しかったものの少し単調で、わたしたちはシラチャソースを加えました。

Today’s dinner was “Ginger Beef Noodles with Green Beans and Red Pepper” from Hello Fresh.  Although there was plenty of ginger, we weren’t able to taste much of it in the dish.  I think it’s better to chop finely or make thin slivers of ginger rather than grating when it’s the main flavouring.  It also has some lime rind and lime juice but the seasoning is just Ketjap Manis and Soy Sauce so it was a bit on the boring side.  We added some Shriracha sauce, which gave it a little kick.


Another thing is the noodles.  The last time when we had a noodle dish they seem to have changed the type of noodles from the previous one and also reduced the quantity (only 100g for two of us, which isn’t enough at all) so we added one nest of Chinese noodles that we had in our cupboard.  On the photo of this menu the noodles are thicker rounder ones that we used to get, which we prefer.  Shame they changed it.



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