Creamy Chicken Masala with Fluffy Rice and Butternut Squash

今日のディナーは、Hello Fresh の「Creamy Chicken Masala with Fluffy Rice and Butternut Squash 」(クリーミーなチキンマサラ、ライスとバターナッツスクウォッシュと)でした。

Today’s dinner was “Creamy Chicken Masala with Fluffy Rice and Butternut Squash” from Hello Fresh.


You bake butternut squash in the oven while you cook the chicken pieces.  After stir-frying the chicken until cooked, you add garlic and spice mix, fry for a few minutes, then add tomato paste, water, chicken stock powder and let it reduce.  You then add baby spinach, sour cream and the cooked butternut squash, mix everything and it’s done.


On the day we cooked steak, we’d forgotten to buy cream for Potato Dauphinoise and we used the sour cream from Hello Fresh that was supposed to be used for this dish.  We were going to replace it but had forgotten, so we used a mixture of single cream and yogurt that we had in the fridge.


Although it was tasty enough, it didn’t taste very much like Chicken Masala or any curry actually.  When the spice mix was added, it was smelling nice and smoky and delicious, but we couldn’t really taste it, it would have been much nicer if there is about a double quantity of the spice mixture.



I cannot remember where I got this tablecloth, probably at an airport somewhere in Thailand.  The right side has so much gold that it would have made our dining room like a cheap Thai restaurant so we decided to use it ‘wrong side up’ as we thought it looked quite nice that way.  When it was sold it was folded very small and packed in a plastic bag, so I wasn’t able to see it properly at the time.

The plates are from Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, bought back when we were living there.  There are plates that I hadn’t used often because they were in the back of a cupboard somewhere and these are one of them. I’ve organised things differently in the new house, putting 2 of each kind of dish in a couple of drawers in the dining room so I can see more types at once – so I think I’ve been using more varied crockeries recently.








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