Growing Tomatoes


It’s very windy today, almost like a typhoon.  I feel we’ve had many windy days since we moved to the UK.  We need to move the herb pots etc to where it doesn’t get direct wind and check them now and again as they tend to be knocked over.


When we were invited to a  BBQ at my husband’s brother’s, they gave us one of pots of small tomato plants that they grew from seeds.  That day when we brought it home, it had no flowers yet, but they it soon started to flower and now there are 4 small tomatoes, one of them looks so tiny.  I think there were only 2 tomatoes yesterday, they grow a lot every day.  I wonder how big they are going to be.  I searched online how to look after tomato plants and it seems to have a lot of things you need to do and be careful about, I hope we aren’t going to spoil it.


In England, in general, they don’t have enough sun so the tomatoes don’t become red before the season, in which case you ripen them after cutting them off the plant.  I wonder how they will go this year.


We need to re-pot it in a larger pot!





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