Butter Chicken


It’s July today, a half of the year has gone.  Out of the 6 months this year, more than 3 months have been in the lockdown.  As it happened relatively soon after we moved here, it’s been a very strange half year for us, but I suppose it’s been strange half year (or at least 3 or 4 months) for many people.


It was a grey morning but it became quite sunny and pleasant in the afternoon.  It felt quite cold in the last few days but it was quite a nice afternoon.  I was comfortable to walk outside with just a camisole and a long sleeve linen shirt.  It does feel quite damp, though.

今日は、Petworth のお肉屋さんとデリにお買い物に行きました。最近は2週間に1度くらいの頻度になっています。以前はガラガラだった駐車場は満車に近い状態になっていて、ロックダウンが緩んで以来外に出る方が多くなっています。それでもお肉屋さん(同時に1家族のみ)もデリ(同時に4人まで)も並ばずに入ることが出来ました。

We went to Petworth to the butcher and the deli this afternoon.  We’ve been going there once in a couple of weeks or so recently.  The car park was empty since the lockdown for a couple of months or so but now it was quite full, so people are going out quite a lot more now that the lockdown is loosened.  Even then we were able to go in the butcher (one family at a time) and the deli (4 people at a time, I think) without queueing.


We made Butter Chicken today using “The Spice Tailor” kit.  I’ve read some Japanese blogger writing how good they were so I bought it a long time ago when I saw it in a supermarket many months ago.  It comes with a sachet of spices and 2 different sauces – but not with chicken or vegetables.  All you do is to stir-fry the spices in oil for a minute, add chicken and the base sauce and cook for some minutes, then add the last sauce and cook it until the chicken is cooked through.  Apparently it doesn’t contain anything “nasty”.




I used chicken and onion.  I didn’t use butter at the end, which the instruction says you can, so it was much lighter than what you think of “butter chicken” but tasted very good.  There are many other kits, I would like to try some of the others.





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