French Toast


Today’s lunch was French Toast, using the brioche we baked the other day with our new Bread machine.  My husband orders French Toast now and again on holiday at breakfast or at a cafe in Singapore but I think I’ve had French Toast only a few times in my long (!) life.  I guess because I prefer a crispy texture more so I would have waffles rather than French Toast if I want to have something sweet for a meal.  Not that I dislike French Toast but I don’t seem to be able to enjoy a large amount.


I searched for a recipe online and decided to follow this one – the ultimate French Toast learned from ex-head chef of Hotel Okura  except that we used brioche rather than toasting bread and didn’t cut of the crust.  The recipe says soak the bread in the eggy liquid overnight but we didn’t have time so I guess we soaked them for 15 minutes.  As it is brioche it didn’t take long for it to soak up the liquid and it was very soft.  I wish we had some sort of berries but we didn’t so we used bananas and Maple Syrup.


It was very nice, soft, fluffy and a little jiggly inside.  My husband says what he’s had in restaurants and cafe are much firmer.   It reminded me of Bread & Butter Pudding and I enjoyed it – but only a half was enough.  I just cannot enjoy something sweet in a large quantity, I guess.  I can eat savoury food more.





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