Today’s Ploughman’s


It was a lovely sunny day although the temperature was only about 23C (which is quite high for England).  As I wrote in my previous post, we walked to the flower shop in the sun, I was wearing a thick hoody, which was just about right.


Today’s lunch was Ploughman’s again.  As it’s our wedding anniversary, we had a half bottle of pink Champagne.


Today’s Ploughman’s was – French salami, Nduja (spicy pork sausage from South Italy), pork pie, avocado, San Danielle Ham, tomato, cucumber, sausage roll, salad leaves, and Branston pickles.  We also bought figs but M&S ones were out of stock and we were given Ocado ones, which are as hard as rocks right now, not edible.  Hopefully they’ll be softer in a week or so.  We are able to decline the substitutes but we would have to dig in the bags and find the ones that we don’t want, which seems a lot of trouble.  It’s usually my husband who receives them and I think he cannot be bothered.


There are many different sausage rolls and these are made with puff pastry – a bit too puffy with not much inside.  They are from M&S but not all the things from M&S are good, so we are trying this and that to find what we like.







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