Wedding Anniversary & New Flower Shop


It’s our 32nd Wedding Anniversary.  We would have been celebrating it somewhere in Europe if the situation weren’t what it is.  We would have liked to have a nice dinner out somewhere but it doesn’t feel safe enough to us yet.

わたしは車を運転できないので(ゴールドですけど 笑)ひとりでカードを買いに行くことも出来ず、まだクラフト関係のものは箱の中なので作ることも出来ず。(正直言うと、わたしは今日は16日だと思い込んでいました。とほほ。)夫は、コンピューターで作ってくれていました。そういう手もあったね。

As I cannot drive (well, I do have a driving licence but I haven’t driven since I got it), I cannot go out alone anywhere and everything I need for card making is in boxes still stored in the garage so I wasn’t able to prepare a card.  (To be honest, though, I thought today was actually the 16th …)  My husband made a card with his computer, I could have done that I suppose…   Very clever of him.






My husband told me that there was a new flower shop in our little village, it’s only a few minutes’ walk from our house so we went there to have a look.  Apparently they opened in March but then the lockdown happened so we didn’t notice it.  They had a lot of pots of greens but not so many cut flowers although they did have some that looked lovely like these dahlias and some pretty roses.  I didn’t feel they had enough variety of flowers that go together in a large bouquet, though, so we just bought these.

They weren’t cheap, I do wonder if they’ll survive in such a small village.  We would like to support them by going there now and again.



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