Today’s Ploughman’s


It rained a few times yesterday and it’s been very dark today with some heavy rain – quite a miserable day.  The temperature suddenly droped to 9C last night, the bedroom was still almost 23C but we didn’t use the air-conditioning for the first time in a while at night.  Today, the highest is 16C and the lowest will be 7C apparently, early in the morning tomorrow and it looks like tau will be the typical temperature range in the next couple of weeks.


We had Ploughman’s for lunch again today.  When I ordered the candelabra online I also ordered a few boards that we can use for this sort of a meal from the same site and we used  one of them today.  It’s 40cm diameter and very heavy!


So, today’s Ploughman’s – the 4 round brown balls are Quinoa burger we ordered for the first time recently and we liked them.  Others are, 2 cheeses, French salami, chorizo, duck pate, grapes (candy floss), figs, tomatoes, cucumber, salad leaves, and Branston Pickles.







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