Chicken Breast In Port Wine


I’m often wearing a T-shirt and jeans but I felt a bit cold and wore a hoodie today, but I was still very cold in the evening before dinner and so used the fire in the living room.  It’s been a while since I felt cold, as it’s been quite warm, although it did get a bit cold back in August.


今週から Hello Fresh はペンディングにしているのですが、夫とふたりで「自由になった感じね」と言い合っています(笑)。週に3、4日分はお買い物をしなくて良いしメニューも決まっていて楽だったのですが、その反面自由に食べたいもの、作りたいものを作れない窮屈さもあったのは確か。でも、食材が簡単に手に入らなかった時期はとても助かりましたし、またそうならないとも限らないので今の所キャンセルではなくペンディングにしています。

We are ‘pending’ Hello Fresh from this week and my husband and I said to each other how liberating it feels!  Isn’t it funny?  We felt it was very useful, saving us from deciding menus and going to supermarkets to do shopping, and it really was while we were using it, but sometimes it felt a bit restricting because we couldn’t just cook something else as this would waste some of the delivered food.  It was specially useful when lockdown happened and it took some stress away.  As it can happen again, we don’t want to totally quit it yet.


Today’s dinner was Chicken Breast in Port Wine from this site – sorry, Japanese only.  I decided the menu yesterday but didn’t check the ingredients, I somehow thought we just needed chicken breast and port wine – but I found out after reading the recipe that we need mushrooms as well!  Japanese use mushrooms a lot but we don’t use them so often here and it was so lucky that I did order a pack of mushrooms in the supermarket order that was delivered yesterday!  I ordered it thinking we’ll maybe make creamy mushroom pasta sauce one day this week.  The side vegetables are boiled carrots and steamed and stir-fried broccoli with garlic.  My husband was my assistant again today, he cut most of the ingredients.  It was very good, we enjoyed it very much.





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