Garden Update


I just noticed a new red flower was blooming in our garden!  My husband looked it up on the flower application on his phone and it says Dhalia.  It’s very short but I can see a few buds so I’m looking forward to seeing them coming out.





The Japanese anemone that our friends gave us are looking lovely.  I wonder if we should plant it in the ground.





The fuchsias are doing well, too.







We noticed that the previous owner of the house planted a plant of different flowers here and there in the garden far from each other and it’s almost always just one plant and I was wondering why they wouldn’t have planted a few together because they don’t look so impressive when the plant is small and have one or two flowers at one point here and there, but I’m now guessing that they were probably given a pot of each from some friends or families because a pot of flowers make a nice present and people do give them to each other often here.



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