Tomato & Cumin Soup And Salad


I used to prepare a light evening meal of soup and salad more or less once a week in Singapore but somehow we hadn’t done that here in England.  I cannot think of any reason why, but I’d like to do have a meal of mainly vegetables more often, I feel we have been eating meat too often.


So, today’s dinner (supper) was soup and salad.  The soup was Tomato & Cumin Soup that we learned at a cooking class together.  My husband made the salad with what we have in the fridge today.








サラダは、先日 Petworth で購入したアーティチョークのボールに入れました。Bordallo Pinheiro というポルトガルのメーカーのもの。色々な形のお皿やボールがあって、面白い。

We used a bowl that we bought in Petworth the other day for the salad, it’s a product of Portugese maker, Bordallo Pinheiro.  They have a lot of different shapes of vegetables etc, a lot of fun to see.


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