Vegetable Curry


We cooked 6 sausages in the casserole yesterday, we had 2 left so used 1 each for a sandwich for lunch today.  There was quite a lot of the vegetables and the sauce left so I made it into curry.  I sauteed cumin seeds in oil, added onion and garlic and sauteed until onion was nice and soft, then added coriander powder, cumin powder, Madras curry powder, cayenne pepper, the left-over casserole with some water, some onion (chunky this time) and green beans.  I cooked it until green beans were soft, then added Japanese curry roux (3 kinds), and garam masala.  We had it with a small salad.  There is still a little left, which will be used for lunch tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.  So the sausage casserole provided us 4 meals.













Incidentally, recently I learned a new word in Japanese, which is “spice curry”.  It seems to me that they call the curry that you don’t use Japanese curry roux “spice curry”.  If so, I guess this one isn’t spice curry as I did use Japanese curry roux although I also used some spices.  Even when you don’t use any additional spices, curry roux does contain spices. I guess Japanese who have been living in Japan only and don’t speak any other language just accept these new words without thinking but find some Japanese words very strange.



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