Sausage Casserole


We cooked s Sausage Casserole one day last week but we cooked another one today for dinner – but a different recipe. Since we moved to England we’ve been eating sausages much more often because they last a few days, you can buy them anywhere (including online supermarkets) and we find them useful.  Although I love Japanese sausages, and English sausages are very different, I also love English ones providing they are a good quality type.  I’ve read on some Japanese people’s blogs how awful English sausages are but I think that is because they had bad ones.  There are good ones and bad ones, you do need to choose good quality ones.  My favourite at the moment are Sausages with Bramley apple from M&S.  They are a little sweet and delicious.


What goes in this casserole are – sausages, onion, potato, carrot, tin tomato, water with vegetable consomme powder, paprika & bay leaf.







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