Cream Pasta With Mushroom & Pancetta


Today’s dinner was Pasta using what we had at home – Mushroom & Pancetta with Cream.  I sauteed onion and garlic first, then added pancetta and sauteed more, then mushrooms.  I added a little white wine, let it reduce a little, added cream, let it reduce a little, some grated lemon rind, some green leaves of carrots and the sauce was done. I added cooked pasta in the sauce, mixed them well together and some grated Parmesan cheese after plating them and lots of black pepper.







I found “leafycarrot” on online supermarket and ordered some as I thought they must be fresh if they have leaves on.  Since the leaves were looking so fresh I didn’t feel we should throw them away so I’m keeping them in a glass with water.  However the leaves don’t taste that great… I read online that you can use them instead of parsley so I used some today in the pasta.

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