Onion Omelette & Soup



It was another dark drizzly day although my husband tells me it wasn’t so bad early in the morning.

Last year this time we were back from Bali and were spending our last week in Singapore.


Today’s dinner was soup and onion omelette.  I wanted to use the left-overs from the pot-au-feu we cooked the other day.  We froze the left-over beef with some soup so we can make curry with it but used the vegetables and the rest of the soup for this soup, we just put it in the blender with milk and added some cream.  A friend of mine, who is great at cooking, served this onion omelette for lunch when I was in Tokyo and since then I’ve cooked this quite a few times, it’s lovely and sweet.  I wish we had some parsley to put on top of it to make it look a bit nicer.  My husband made the salad of tomato, lettuce, onion and avocado.  It’s not strictly vegetarian as the pot-au-feu had beef in it but almost vegetarian.

We had half of the omelette and will use the rest in sandwiches tomorrow for lunch.







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