Bibimbap Inspired Fried Rice


Fried rice is one of the lunches we have at home quite often. My husband doesn’t like rice very much, he enjoys it when he has it with strongly flavoured things like curry or Chilli Con Carne but he doesn’t enjoy rice itself, unlike me.  I can eat just rice (if it’s Japanese rice) with Japanese pickles or even just with some sesame seeds and salt.  However, he seems to enjoy the fried rice that I make.  (He never liked fried rice in Chinese restaurants, though.)


Now that we can buy them, I almost always use sausages (Japanese style) because my husband loves them.  He doesn’t seem to like fried rice flavoured with just salt or soy sauce so I use Japanese Tonkatsu sauce and Japanese Worcestershire Sauce and Sriracha sauce, but today I changed it and used Kochujang (Korean spicy red pepper sauce) to make it something similar to Bibimbap.  We didn’t have much vegetables at home so used bean sprouts that I had frozen, onion and green onion.  I also used sesame seeds but I must say I couldn’t taste it (because Kochujang is quite powerful).  The Kochujang we bought here is much more spicy and doesn’t have much sweetness so I used much less Kochujang than I would have used with some salt and sugar as well.   It was still very spicy!


I cooked in a frying pan, of which the handle is detachable and put it on the table without plating it so it keeps hot and there will be some burned rice on the bottom (that Asian people love).  We don’t have the stone bowls you use for Bibimbap so I’ve tried a few ways to serve Bibimbap but I feel this is probably the best way.


You are supposed to stir-fry each kind of vegetable separately and flavour it separately, then put them on rice so it looks pretty and also it tastes better, you then mix everything yourself.  However, without the stone bowls, it gets less warm while you are mixing it even when you use a frying pan.  So, today I just stir-fried everything together.  When my husband was working and when I was the one who served dinners during the week, I didn’t want to serve it like this because it looks just like a quickly made stir-fried rice, nothing much, even when you have spent a long time preparing each vegetable.  However, now that we cook together I feel this is fine.  It’s only lunch today, anyway.



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