Our interior designer came over to look at the craft room in progress and talk about the colours of the walls etc, then we went out in the afternoon to buy a Christmas tree, finally!  Still, this time last year we were still unboxing our boxes and didn’t buy a tree until the next week.  Unlike Hong Kong and Singapore the ceiling is low here and the room is small so we didn’t buy such a large tree.  We left it in the garden overnight but it’s raining at the moment, hopefully it’ll be dry by tomorrow morning so we can bring it into the living room, if not we’ll have to wait a bit longer as our living room is carpeted.

ランチは、ちょっと久しぶりのプラウマンズ。キヌアバーガー、サラミや生ハム、トマト、りんご、無花果、ロケット、チーズといつもと代わり映えしない内容ですが、1つだけ、チーズの中にモンドールが入っています。少し前に Arundel の食料品店で夫がモンドールがあると言うので買ってくれるよう頼んでわたしは他のものを見て回っていたのですが、夫が見つけたのは大きなモンドールでした。なので、木の箱のままオーブンで焼くということが出来なかったので、アルミフォイルで包んで焼きました。ウンブリアの新しいオリーブオイルも2種類、パンをつけながらいただきました。

Our lunch today was Ploughman’s, we hadn’t had it for a little while.  Just the usual things like quinoa burger, a few salamis and Parma ham, tomatoes, apple, figs, rocket and a few cheeses.  One thing that is a little different today is we had Mont d’Or.  When we were in a deli in Arundel the other day, my husband pointed inside the deli counter telling me there was Mont d’Or. I didn’t see the cheese itself but asked him to get it and I moved to a different area to buy other items, so I didn’t know but what he found was a section of a large one rather than smaller size, so we couldn’t put it in the oven in the wooden case like we would have done, we just wrapped it in a aluminium foil to bake.  We also had our two new fresh Umbrian oils to dip bread into.


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