Vegetable Curry


Today’s dinner was vegetable curry.  Although we used Japanese curry roux, the way to cook it is basically in a Indian style up until we add water.  We sautéed cumin seeds first in oil, added chopped onion and sautéed until brown, added garlic and ginger and sautéed a few minutes longer, then some tomatoes from a tin and sautéed it for a few more minutes.  Then added cumin powder, coriander powder, Madras curry powder, sautéed a few more minutes then added water.  When the water came to boiling, we added vegetables – the harder ones first.  We used carrots, potato, onion, sweet potato (Japanese) and cauliflower.


The tulips arrived this morning – it’s our subscription flower.  We don’t have a vase big enough to put all of them together so I put them in 2 vases.







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