Tonkatsu Sando (Pork Cutlet Sandwich)



It’s been snowing on and off but just flurries, not enough to stay.  The temperature is still quite low, 2C at the moment (a little before 2.00pm), and is expected to go down as low as -4C by midnight!!  Wow!  I think that’ll be the lowest we’ve seen since we moved to England.


We had Tonkatsu Sando (Pork Cutlet Sandwich) using the Ciabatta I baked last night and the left-over of our Tonkatsu dinner last night.  The crust is thin and crispy, the crumb is light, soft and a little chewy, really good.  These are good for sandwiches like this but also suitable to have with a meal.





I guess there are many bakeries where you can get great bread in London but not around here, at least we haven’t found one.  We’ve tried baguettes from a couple of very popular bakeries, where they sell out their baguettes quickly, but they aren’t really real baguettes to me, they are English style.   We tried a few types of bread from some supermarkets, but so far the only bread we like is Ciabatta (I think we tried Waitrose’s and have recently been buying M&S’s).  We cannot find a good baguette and I wish I could bake it but I know it’s very tricky to bake baguettes so am too intimidated.



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  1. CoccoCan says:

    パンがおいしそう♪ 自分で焼いたパンでカツサンドなんて理想的☆

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