My First Ciabatta Bread


The success of the sourdough bread I baked the other day encouraged me to try another bread.  This time I baked Ciabatta.  When I fail in something a couple of times I find it hard to continue.  My husband and I baked Italian country style bread a few times and failed a couple of times in a row, which discouraged me to try more so I hadn’t baked bread for a while.

今回のチャバタは、YouTubeのこのビデオを参考にして作りました。今回は、ドライイースト のパン。小麦粉は、最初のロックダウンの時に小麦粉が手に入らず、仕方なく日本から送ってもらったのですが、そのときについでに送ってもらったリスドオルをまだ使っていなかったので早く使わねば、ということで、今回はリスドオルを使いました。ビデオでは引っ張って捻る作業を2度だけされているのですが、気温が低めだからかどうなのか、グルテンがあまり発達していなかった気がしたので、今回は合計で4回しました。ビデオより焼き色がついて行ったので、早めの時期に温度を230度に下げて焼きました。それでも、結構焼き色がついています。

I watched this video on Youtube and tried the recipe and the method.  It’s a Japanese style Ciabatta – it may not be real Italian Ciabatta – made using dry yeast.  When we went into the first lockdown, we were not able to get any flour for a long time so I asked my sister to send some to me and she sent me a bag of Japanese French Bread flour (protein 10.7%) so that’s what I used.  In the video, this person had 2 sessions of pulling and twisting the dough but I did it 4 times because my dough didn’t seem to have developed enough gluten today probably due to the lower temperature of the room.  Also, they coloured darker quickly in the oven so I turned the temperature down to 230C in the last 10 minutes.  They still look darker than his bread.





I haven’t  baked many times on my own, so I never feel “sure” if a dough is ready for baking.  It depends on various things including temperature so it’s not easy to be able to feel confident when you haven’t had enough experience.


I was lucky today, it seemed to have worked well.  I tried a little and it’s pretty good to me.  Outside is light but crispy and the crumb doesn’t have a lot of large holes but it is very light and fluffy but slightly chewy, which is a texture I love in bread.  I baked them at night so we cannot eat them yet, we’ll have them tomorrow for lunch.






塩 6g
ドライイースト 3g
水 240g (ぬるま湯)
オリーブオイル 15g



Ciabatta4 pieces)

Bread flour(French Bread Flour)
6g salt
3g yeast
240g  water (the recipe says at room temperature – but I used lukewarm water)
15g olive oi

Baking time 250℃:18min
(I baked about 8 minutes at 250C then turn it down to 230C and baked further 10 minutes)

* French Bread flour can be substituted with a mixture of 80% strong bread flour and 20% of cake flour


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