Chicken Fajita




It was another lovely sunny day today.

It’s been exactly a year since the first lockdown.  We were away for a month for a major renovation of our house and came back a year ago today and that evening the lockdown was announced.  By then, our living room, the master bedroom and it’s ensuite bathroom, the kitchen, the dining room and the downstairs’s cloakroom had all been basically completed.  The rest of the renovation was planned to start straight away, but the strict lockdowns stopped everything and nothing was done for the following 3 months or so.  Around the summer, the work started and the first thing done was my dressing room, which took quite a few weeks.  Then the painting was done in the dressing room, the hall, the stairs and my husband’s loft, then finally in November the renovaiton of the garage into a craft room got started.  The craft room renovation has been taking a long time because the way they are working is to work on the conversion up to a certain stage then have a break (I guess they go to someone else), then come back after a few weeks and work again.  There is still some work to be done but once the craft room has finished, I think we can say the renovation will have finally finished – except for the garden.


さて、今日のディナーは、チキンファヒータ。少し前にオーダーしたスパイスキットの中のファヒータのキットを使いました。キットに入っていたのは、乾燥唐辛子2種類、フレッシュの赤い大きな唐辛子、ニンニク、スパイスミックス。乾燥唐辛子は汚れを拭いて種を出して、3センチ幅に切ってお湯で5分煮ておきます。フレッシュの赤い唐辛子とニンニクはフライパンで空焼きして、唐辛子は皮を剥いて種を取っておき、ニンニクは皮を剥き、煮た乾燥唐辛子を濾したもの、スパイスミックス、塩、砂糖、ライム汁、オイルをハンドブレンダーなどで潰し、チキンの胸肉をマリネして、付いてきたレシピではそのままアルミフォイルで包んでオーブンで蒸し焼きにする、とあります。わたしたちは、細切りにしてフライパンで焼きました。他には玉ねぎと赤パプリカをフライパンで炒めたもの、ワカモーレ、サルサ、シャンツァイ。テーブルで各自、温めたソフト・トルティーヤ に包んでいただきます。


Today’s dinner was Chicken Fajita.  We used one of the spice kits we ordered the other day.  The kit had 2 dried chillies (2 different kinds), 1 large fresh red cihlli, garlics, and a spice mix.  You wipe the dried chillies to get rid of any dust, cut them into about 3cm rings after getting the seeds out, put them in a pan with boiling water and simmer for 5 minutes.  Then you cook garlic and fresh chilli in a dry frying pan. You make a paste from the above with spice mix, salt, sugar, lime juice and oil with a stick blender to make a marinade for the chicken breasts.  The recipe tells you to wrap vegetables and chicken in aluminium foil and steam bake in the oven but we just cut the chicken into strips and stir-fried them in a frying pan with onion and red pepper.  We wrapped them in a soft tortilla with guacamole, salsa, coriander leaves at the table.

The chicken was nice and tender and very tasty but we would have liked more heat so next time we will add more chilli.











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