Bean Sprout Bibimbap (Korean)


Suddenly, it turned into a very dark and miserable day.  It doesn’t look like it’ll rain tomorrow and Friday but there is a rain mark every day next week.


今日の夕食は、もやしのビビンバ と野菜と生姜のマリネ。もやしのビビンバ はお米の上にもやしをのせて一緒に炊いて、別に炒めたビーフのミンチ(100gに対してお醤油大さじ1、お砂糖大さじ1、ごま油適量)と目玉焼きをのせていただくというレシピで作ってみましたが、まぁまぁ、かな。ビーフが少し甘すぎる気がしました。タレは、このレシピで作りました。

一緒にいただいたマリネは、きゅうり、キャベツ、セロリ、生姜、にんじん、米酢、お砂糖、炒りごまが入っています。もやしのビビンバ だけだと単調なので、混ぜていただくと食感も良いしさっぱりして美味しかったです。


Today’s dinner was Bean Sprout Bibimbap and Marinaded Vegetables with Ginger.   I cooked rice with bean sprouts on top, cooked mince beef (1 Tbsp soy sauce, 1 Tbsp sugar and a little sesame oil for 100g of mince beef) separately and spooned onto the rice, then topped it with fried egg.  We thought it was just so-so.  The mince beef was a little too sweet.  The recipe of the sauce you drizzle over is here.

The marinaded vegetables are – cucumber, cabbage, celery, ginger, carrot, rice vinegar & sugar and a little sesame seeds on top.  We thought it worked well with the Bean Sprout Bibimbap, which would have been a little too boring without the crunchy and refreshing marinaded vegetables.





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