Hot Weather & The First Banana Smoothie This Year


It’s still very warm, very hot for England.  I guess we can call this a heat wave?  It looks like it’s as hot as 28C in London and expected to be even hotter on Wednesday.  It’s rare that the temperature goes higher than 25C in England.  Having said that, I think there have been quite a lot of hot days in the last few years, I guess due to global warming.  I really feel people need to have air-conditioning in houses in England.


Fortunately, probably because we are relatively close to the sea, it’s not as hot here as in London but it’s 23C and with a lovely breeze today it’s actually very cool and comfortable sitting around like this.


As it’s been warm, I made Banana Smoothies – for the first time this year.  I don’t feel like having smoothie when it’s cold so we’ve been having problem with using up all the bananas while it was cold.  I call this a smoothie but it’s just frozen bananas, a little Maple Syrup and a little water.





We’ve been seeing beautiful blue sky like this often in the last couple of weeks and my husband is currently enjoying sitting in the garden.  We’ve been working hard at unpacking the craft room boxes for the last few days but we are having a day off today.  My husband has been taking tons of empty cardboard boxes to the dump every morning.





The roses are looking great this year.  They were growing only upwards last year and didn’t have many flowers but they have grown wider and have many flowers this year, probably because I cut them back last year.




Well, it looks like we didn’t have much spring, it feels like one day it was winter and the next day it’s gone to summer.




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