Roasted Vegetable Couscous Salad with Harissa-style Dressing

今日の夕食は、Delia Smith のレシピの「Raoasted Vegetable Couscous Salad with Harissa-style Dressing」(ロースト野菜とクスクスのサラダ、アリッサ風ドレッシング)にしました。一時期ほど頻繁には作らなくなりましたが、暑くなると食べたくなります。

Our dinner today was “Roasted Vegetable Couscous Salad with Harissa-style Dressing” from Delia Smith’s recipe.


As  you have the roasted vegetables at room temperature, you can roast them in advance and just before you want to eat you just pour boiling water with some soup stock powder over the same amount of couscous, letting it steam for 8 minutes or so and fluff it up and serve it with crisp salad leaves and Harissa style dressing.  All you do for the roasted vegetables is to cup them, season them, coat them in olive oil and roast them on a baking sheet or two in the oven.  You don’t need to be in the kitchen much and you can roast the vegetables well in advance, so a good dish when it’s hot like today and also for a lunch or dinner party.


The original recipe has fennel but we don’t often buy fennel so unless we happen to have it in the fridge we don’t use it.  It also has olives, capers and goat cheese but I don’t use them.  What I use are courgette, aubergine, onion, tomato & red or yellow pepper.  If you cook like the recipe I find some of them cook faster than others and you end up having some burned bits so I usually cook them like this – separating each kind on individual baking sheets so you can take out the ones cooked and keep in a bowl.  When I took the photos I hadn’t used any olive oil yet but I did coat them in olive oil after I took the photos.  If you put too large an amount on a baking sheet they get steamed so I spread them well.  Tomatoes, peppers and onions become so sweet when you roast them.  We used one large courgette, one medium size aubergine, 1.5 onions, 2 vines of mini tomatoes and 2 red peppers.  I thought there was enough for 4  people but surprisingly we ate most and there is only a little left.


I find the dressing in the recipe has too much olive oil so I reduce it.  I don’t actually follow the recipe any longer, I just squeese some lemon juice to some tomato paste, add cumin powder and Harissa (in a jar today), then add some olive oil.







Couscous is hidden but is under the vegetables.



I usually put some coriander leaves on top but we didn’t have any so we used mint to day.  Mint goes well with aubergine and courgette so it was very good.









It’s delicious with cold crispy lettuce, but also great to stuff into half a pita bread.  We’ll use the left-over vegetables for hot sandwiches tomorrow for lunch.

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