Dinner, Second Night at Buckland Manor


We had dinner at the hotel’s formal restaurant on our first day but their menu was very very small so we decided to have light meal in the lounge on our 2nd day.





My husband had smoked salmon sandwiches.






I ordered Pasta with Tomato sauce.  However, it was just too tasteless to eat.  Possibly the worst pasta dish I’ve had in my whole life.  I thought pasta with tomato sauce was such a safe choice, but obviously not.  The pasta was way way overdone, with awful texture, and the sauce was, well, almost tasteless other than a warm tomato taste.  I don’t think they had seasoned it at all.  It was supposed to be Pasta with tomato and feta and I asked them not to add feta, so I guess feta would have added some seasoning as it’s a salty cheese, but they should know to adjust it.  So I asked them to take it back and change my order to Welsh Rarebit, which was OK.

You can get delicous meals in England, too, but it still shocks me when I have something like this in a high level hotel.








We didn’t feel satisfied so shared a dessert, there was no choice and it was Hazelnut and Chocolate Cremeux.




When we were resting in our room after we got back to the hotel in the afternoon, we heard a helicopter coming close to the hotel so we looked out of the window and saw the helcopter landing in the grounds of the hotel and a couple of people came out.  We had seen a celebrity arriving in the hotel we were staying in Devon once before so we wondered if they were celebrities, but they seemed like just ordinary couple.  Maybe it was one of their big birthday’s event?






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