Craft Room Update (Nearly There!)



I worked at tidying up the Craft Room for 3 hours and a bit more, I was getting tired but as I was getting close to having gone through everything, I just couldn’t stop and kept going.


Not much difference in this area.  The plastic and cardboard boxes on top of the tall filing cabinet are all empty, I’ll decide if we can use them somewhere but we are keeping them for now.





Not much change in this area either.  All the empty plastic boxes next to the electric fan were full when we moved.  Again I’ll have to decide if we can use them somewehre and if not we’ll have to get rid of them.





This area is where I worked at and is looking much better.  The wooden trolly used to be in the kitchen in Singapore but we’ll use it in our upstairs storage room.





So, I feel I’m nearly there.  Of course there is still a lot to do – I’ll have to re-organise lots of drawers and I’ll need some better looking storage boxes so they’ll look better on shelves, but at least I’ve gone through everything and put them more or less where they will live.


I would have prefered to have all drawers installed for storage but they would have put the cost so much higher so I had some shelves built in.  One thing that I wish I’d thought of is that none of the shelves are high enough for the large scrapbooking paper, so I’ll probably have to put them on the worktop.  They’ll probably make the room look a bit cluttered, I feel.  In recent years, I haven’t been using patterned paper for card making very often, but they are so nice to look at, I just cannot bear to get rid of them.



As I had to repeat the movements of sitting down, getting up, carrying things and also I did quite a lot of sorting as I sat on the floor, my scitica has gone worse and my bottom and legs are aching a little…

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