Birthday Trip – Lympstone Manor


We got back home safely.  At the end of a holiday, I always feel “Already ending?” but when get home, I always feel “So good to be home!”  It was another beautiful but very hot day.  When I checked the weather forecast some days ago it didn’t look like it was going to be this hot, but it’s been as hot as around 30C for the last few days.  Thankfully it does go down to 14C at night and there were quite a lot of windows in our rooms so we were able to leave the windows open and let the room cool down at night.  Now that we are home, our kitchen/dining and living room are too warm, and my husband’s room (that is upstairs of the craft room) is much too hot.  We would install aircons but there are no walls we can use for that in any of them.  My husband spent the rest of today in the living room because his room is too hot.  Fortunately, my craft room has an aircon, I’m so thankful.

イギリスはコロナの状況がやっと少し落ち着いたので(ロックダウンの制限が今日から解除されたのでこれからどうなるか不安ですが)、ずっと行きたかったデボン州にある大好きなホテル(Gidleigh Park)に泊まりに行ってきました。ちょうど今週の木曜日が夫のお誕生日だったのでこのタイミングで行ってきた次第です。泊まりたかったホテルは2泊しか取れなかったので、最初の1泊は「Lympstone Manor」に泊まりました。ミシュランの1つ星つきのレストランが併設されています。ここのシェフは Gidleigh Park で長い間ヘッドシェフだった方です。

As the situation with Covid is much better in England now (although we are worried how it’ll change as the lockdown has been unlocked completely today), we decided to go and stay at our favourite hotel in Devon (Gidleigh Park).  It was my husband’s birthday on Thursday, so we chose this timing.  Gidleigh Park wasn’t available for 3 consecutive nights so we stayed at “Lympstone Manor” for one night on Thursday.  They have a restaurant with one Michelin star – the head chef used to be the head chef in Gidleigh Park for many many years until 5 or 6 years ago.


The view from the garden is delightful, you can see the sea and the River Exe, the garden is full of beautiful flowers this time of year and you can enjoy sitting in the garden having an aperitif or afternoon tea.


I forgot to take photos of their lounge but it was very small and a bit claustrophobic, specially in the current situation.  Our bedroom was very small as well and it wasn’t special at all.  The good thing about this hotel is the garden – so I’m glad the weather was good.  If it rains or is too cold,  I don’t think we would enjoy staying here.



























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