Birthday Trip – Birthday Dinner

夫のお誕生日当日は、宿泊していた Lympstone Manor のレストランでいただきました。予約をした時に何か特別な日ですかと聞かれたそうですが、普通の日だと答えたそうです。私だったら一応お誕生日とお伝えするのですが、お腹いっぱいで苦しいところに更にサービスでチョコレートケーキを出していただいても困るのも確か。特に旅行中だと持ち帰って翌日食べるわけにも行きませんしね。

On my husband’s birthday, we had dinner at the restaurant in Lympstone Manor, where we stayed.  When we booked a table, my husband was asked if it was for a special occasion but he told them it wasn’t.  I probably would have told them it was my husband’s birthday if it were me, but I have to agree that we don’t really enjoy a complimentary chocolate cake when we are very full from a long dinner so perhaps it was better that way.  We couldn’t even have taken a cake home and had it on the next day as we were still travelling.


Many people are travelling inside the UK because we feel uncomfortable to travel overseas, so the hotels in the UK seem to be very busy.  They told us that the hotel is fully booked until sometime in October.  So when we booked a table at the restaurant, we couldn’t get an earlier booking than 8.30-9.00.  This means you have aperitif from about 8.30pm and start the actual dinner around 9.00pm.  We chose their vegetarian tasting menu and the waiting times between courses were very long, so we finished our dinner finally about 10 minutes before midnight – it was quite tiring.

シェフは長い期間 Gidleigh Park でシェフをされていた方で、このホテルのレストランはミシュラン1つ星。

The chef used to be the chef at Gidleigh Park for many many years and he has 1 Michelin Star at this restaurant.







I cannot remember what these amuse were but I do remember I enjoyed them, they look very pretty, too.





Mini baguette was very nice but the other bread was burnt.




The 1st dish was Beets, goats’ cheese, apple, caramelised walnuts.




The 2nd dish was ravioli.  I didn’t catch what the filling was but it was quite sticky, maybe potato.  Anyway, we both enjoyed this more than other dishes.





The 3rd dish was Roasted Shallot, it was very tasty.




Roasted cauliflower with curry flavour topped with some almonds.  This was too salty for me so I wasn’t able to enjoy it.  Roasted cauliflower seems to be all the rage but somehow I didn’t feel it was very “Michelin Star” restaurant-like.




We then had Mushroom Risotto but it looks like I forgot to take a photo.  I guess people like the texture of risotto differently but for us it was much too chalky and not enjoyable at all, so we left most of it.  I must say that by then we were quite full as well.


Pre-dessert was Exotic fruit salad with Pineapple sorbet.  Nice and refreshing.



Again I cannot remember what was this but the outside is chocolate, inside was a fluffy creamy thing, square pieces are banana and there were some hazel nuts scattered around.  It has lots of different texture and was delicious.




Petits Fours.





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