Gazpacho & Picnic

家の中が暑くて、キッチンでお料理する気持ちになれません〜。食欲もあまりない。ということで、今日の夕食は材料を Thermomix に入れてブレンドするだけのガスパチョとチーズやサラミ類などの並べるだけのピクニックにしました。

As it’s been so hot, we don’t feel like cooking in the kitchen and we don’t have a lot of appetite either – so we decided to make Gazpacho (all you do is chuck all the ingredients in the Thermomix and blend them) and then have a picnic.


The cheeses we had at home were getting too old so we went out to get some new ones and various bits and pieces this afternoon.  We were glad to see that most people were still wearing face masks even though it’s not compulsory any more from today.  We knew that most of supermarkets and shops still have signs telling people to wear them but as it’s not compulsory we were worried many people may stop wearing them.  It was good to see that it wasn’t the case.



ガスパチョをたっぷりいただいたので、ピクニックはいつもよりシンプルに少なめです。チーズ3種類(ゴートチーズ、サセックス・ブルー、サセックス・ブリー)、サラミ4種類、Pallant of Arundel で買ったソーセージロール(チリとフェンネル入りで美味しかったです)、無花果、トマト、きゅうり、オリーブ、チキンレバーパテ。

As we had quite large bowls of Gazpacho, the picnic was simpler and smaller than we often have.  3 kinds of cheese (goat cheese, Sussex Blue, Sussex Brie), 4 kinds of salamis, sausage roll from Pallant of Arundel (with chilli and fennel, very nice), figs, tomatoes, cucumber, olives & chicken liver pate.











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