Chorizo, Potato, Poached Egg & Balsamic Vinegar Salad

昨日、Brasserie Blanc で食べたソーセージとポテトのサラダが、わたしが以前良く作っていたチョリソーやポテトの温サラダに良く似ていて、そういえば、イギリスに来てから作ってないね、ということになり、今日の夕食にしました。

The sausage and potato salad I had at Brasserie Blanc yesterday reminded of me the warm salad I used to make using chorizo, potato and poached eggs and we said I hadn’t made it since we moved to England so I cooked it for dinner tonight.


I’ve always fried the boiled potatoes in olive oil in a frying pan or roasted them in the oven to make them crispy but the potatoes in the salad yesterday were just boiled and I thought they were fine so I didn’t fry or roast them today.  I thought they were fine but my husband mentioned he liked them fried and roasted more.


This warm salad is something I came up with when we were living in Hong Kong about 20 years ago, thinking that the combinatioon of chorizo, potato, egg and balsamic vinegar must be delicious and it was.  Since then I’ve cooked it now and again but not since we moved to England.  As I sautee chorizo very slowly to let the oil come out and use the oil to stir-fry vegetables and the sauce is made with balsamic vinegar the colour is a little off-putting but it is really tasty.  A friend of mine asked me for the recipe after leaving Hong Kong because she always loved it so wanted to try to make it.  I think good chorizo makes all the difference but Japanese sausages probably work quite well, too, though it’ll be different.  Sausages and potatoes go well together.


So, the way I cook it now is that I slowly sautee chorizo slices in a little olive oil until the red oil comes out of chorizo.  I take the chorizo out, then stir-fry onion, garlic, boiled potato (not today) and put that on crispy cold lettuce.  I then put poached eggs on top.  For the sauce I put some good quality aged balsamic vinegar in the frying pan that I used for stir-frying the vegetables, let it come to boiling, that is it.  We had only 6 small new potatoes today and I didn’t think they would be enough for dinner so I added some courgette and red pepper to the vegetables today.  We mix everything together just before we eat and have it with nice bread.  I love the combination of cold crispy salad leaves (I use romaine lettuce or gem lettuce) with hot potato, chorizo, poached egg and sweet sauce.





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