Spaghetti Puttanesca

今日の夕食は、スパゲティーのプッタネスカ風にしました。レシピはこちらの Delia Smith のレシピを参考にしましたが、アンチョビは使わず、黒オリーブではなくグリーンオリーブをレシピの3分の1くらいの量使い(レシピの量ではわたしたちの好みでは多すぎる)、少しお水を足し、少しお砂糖も足し、煮込み時間はレシピよりかなり短く15分くらい。長く煮込むより軽く仕上がると思います。オリーブやケイパーに塩分があるのでお塩は加えず最後に調整するつもりでしたが、結局必要ありませんでした。とても美味しく出来上がりました。シンプルなわたしが大好きなタイプのパスタ。

Today’s dinner was Spaghetti Puttanesca.  Although we sort of followed this Delia Smith’s recipe, we did make quite a few changes.  We didn’t use anchovies, used green olives instead of black ones (just because green olives are what we had).  We used only about 1/3 of the amount of the olives the recipe called for, we find using more would have made the sauce too salty.  We also added a little water and a little sugar before simmering the sauce and simmered it only about 15 minutes rather than the 40 minutes that the recipe suggested – partly because we started cooking late but also because I tend to prefer to make it lighter.  We added no salt as we found the salt from the ingredients just right.  It was delicious.  Very simple but very tasty, my type of pasta.


The recipe says 225g – 275g of spaghetti for 2 persons, which would have been too much for us.  Maybe that’s right for younger people but 100g per person is the maximum we would have.  Today’s sauce was mostly tin tomatoes and used no cream so we used 100g per person, but if it has some meat or a lot of vegetables or some cream we use 70g-80g of pasta per person.





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