Cumin Flavoured Tomato Soup And Mozzarella & Peach Salad


As we’ve had Beef in Red Wine, Roast Pork and eaten out in the last few days, we felt we should have something light so we had soup & salad.  The soup was Cumin Flavoured Tomato Soup – we used the one we froze a few days ago when we made extra.  There was left-over mozzarella from when we made pizza, so we made a salad using mozzarella and peach with some scattered dry-roasted almond slices and mint, the dressing was just lemon juice, white vinegar, olive oil, salt & pepper.  We prefer white peaches as we find them sweeter and more fragrant but these were yellow ones, still nice enough.


We also had a dessert.  There are some apple and pear trees in the green area in front of our house and our neighbour picked them and let some in front of our door.  This happened last year, too, but then I let them go rotten.  They are completely hard and unripe, we put them by a window but rather than getting ripe they just go rotten.  This was starting to happen with this year’s lot too and we had to throw a few of them away, so I poached some of the pears in red wine yesterday.  I used only 2 cloves and 1 star anise but it was very strong – but we enjoyed it enough.











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