Beef In Red Wine


Late last night, I felt cold in my craft room and used my blanket on my knees for the first time since the room was completed.  I looked at my phone application to see what the outside temperature was and it was 11C, (and apparently it later went to 10C), no wonder why it was cold.  The craft room is the coolest room in the house.  It was 21C inside there, so not that cold, but it felt cold because until yesterday it has been above 23C (and it still is in other rooms).  It was very humid so maybe that’s why it felt colder.  Maybe we need to start using the under-floor heating, but it feels a bit early in the year to start using heating.  I could use the air-conditioning unit that we had installed on the wall as it can work as heating as well, but I don’t like getting warm air on my face.



Today’s dinner was “Beef in Red Wine” that we cooked and froze the left over of about 3 weeks ago.  I think this sort of slow cooked meats  become even more delicious while frozen.  We had more than a half when we originally cooked it so there wasn’t quite enough left but there was a lot of sauce so we filled the gap in our stomach by mopping it up with bread.  It was so good that we said we should cook it soon again – my husband wanted it tomorrow!








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