Cream Croquettes (Zoom Cooking Class)


Today’s dinner was Japanese style Cream Croquettes (it has potato, white sauce, sweetcorn, onion).  I took a zoom cooking lesson of a friend, who used to run a restaurant and cooking classes in Hong Kong and a restaurant in Hawaii.  Because of the time difference I cannot take the live lesson but I can buy the recorded lesson.  These croquettes used to be served at the restaurant in Hong Kong that she ran.  My husband loves cream croquettes but I haven’t made them often, I think I made them a few times in Japan and maybe in Hong Kong but not since we left Hong Kong.  They take quite a lot of time, more time consuming than they look, which is discouraging.  As well as shredded cabbage, which is a standard to serve with croquettes in Japan, I made Miso Soup with courgette and tomato and rice.  My husband had 3 and I had 2.  The recipe suggests 70g each, which was bigger than I thought, and they have quite a lot of white sauce so they were quite filling.  They came out very light, crispy and delicious.









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