Chilli Con Carne


It’s been miserable weather here, the sun does come out now and again but it’s mostly been grey or raining.  The forecast shows a cloud with the sun for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll see a bit more sun.  Having said that when I checked the forecast yesterday, I saw that the next one week had a cloud with the sun  mark, they change all the time.



I think we had Chilli Con Carne very recently but we had it again today because my husband wanted it, he just loves it.  I’ve always used a certain Chilli Con Carne spice mix and we are buying the same brand here but somehow these ones aren’t very flavourful, not much spice, not much chilli, so I add quite a lot of extra chilli pepper and cumin powder.  We had only 1 tin of kidney beans at home so we added a tin of black beans as well today.





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