Chicken Musakhan

この辺りのスーパー(何箇所かトライしました)で買うピタパンはオーブンで温めても硬くてパサパサで美味しくないので、ロンドンのレストラン「Arabica」からオーダーしたところ冷凍してオーブンで温めてもふあふわもっちりで美味しかったので、またオーダーしました。ピタだけだと結構な送料がかかるので色々と一緒にオーダーしたのですが、今回は「Chicken Musakhan」もオーダーしてみました。

We tried pita bread from a few different supermarkets around here but they all came out hard and dry, even after warming up in the oven, so we ordered some from “Arabica”, which is a restaurant in London.  Their pita is nice and soft and when you warm it up in the oven it becomes very fluffy (but slightly chewy, in a good way).  We had used up all of what we ordered last time so we made another order.  If we order only pita we have to pay a delivery fee, so we ordered quite a lot of other stuff including “Chicken Musakhan”.

「Chicken Musakhan」というのはパレスチナのスマックなどのスパイスを使ってローストしたチキンで、ちぎりながらフラットブレッドに挟んでタブレなどと一緒にいただくようです。スマックは日本のゆかりに似た香りのスパイスで、果物を乾燥させて砕いたものだそう。

Chicken Musakhan is a chicken dish from Palestine, the chicken is roasted with spices like sumac; traditionally you tear off a piece and eat it in a flat bread with tabbouleh.


The order arrived yesterday so we had this chicken for dinner today.  All we did was to warm the chicken in the oven and make tabbouleh.  We mixed cracked wheat, parsley, mint, green onion, lemon, olive oil, salt & pepper.  I guess there are different versions of tabbouleh.  The one I most often see has tons of parsley with a small amount of tomato and cracked wheat, but the one my friend, who is originally from Syria, made for me (decades ago) was mostly tomato with a small amount of cracked wheat and a small amount of parsley.  When we had a look for it online we saw a recipe that used mint and green onion as well so that’s how we made it today.


I sort of assumed that the chicken was just breast but it was legs and roasted with red onion.  I guess they put them as they are on the table and everyone tears some to eat with flat bread, but we shredded the meat roughly in advance so it was easy to eat.  Although you taste some spices we didn’t think it had strong flavour from them, a charred taste was more noticable.  When we searched we saw some pine nuts served on top so we used pine nuts, too.  The chicken was tender and very nice.








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