When we went to London, we left home around 10 am by car.  Taking a train seems easier but the trouble is that you have to worry about the luggage when you do shopping – how easy it’s going to be to carry on a train – so we decided to go by car.  It takes about 2 hours or so and we arrived at the hotel around lunch time.  The room wasn’t ready so we left our luggage and had lunch near the hotel.  I cannot remember the name of the cafe but it’s a very small but popular cafe and we’d been there once before.   I had Toastie of ham & Gruyere cheese.  This bread was very nice.  We have tried quite a few cafes around where we live but I haven’t had any really nice bread.  This was sourdough (like almost all the bread you get these days in England) but not heavy, it was actually quite light and nicely crispy, toasted just nicely.  However, Gruyere cheese is quite punchy and I found it a little too much, I would have enjoyed half the quantity with a nice salad much more.


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