Pasta With Meatballs


My cold has been developing very slowly and I started to feel unwell last night and I’m still not feeling great today.  Still no fever, but one side of my nose seems to be blocked, which gives some pressure around my head.

ということで、夫が夕食を担当してくれました。夫が得意のミートボールパスタ。Delia Smith のレシピ。なぜかこのレシピ、外側を焼いたミートボールをトマトソースで煮るのをオーブンでするので結構時間がかかります。普通に直火(IHですが)で煮た方が絶対に早いと思うのですが。そんなわけで、2時間もかかるミートボールのパスタ。美味しかったです!

So, my husband told me he would cook dinner today – meatball pasta that he has cooked uncountable times.  It’s from Delia Smith’s recipes and for some reason that I don’t understand you cook meatballs (the you seared outside) in tomato sauce in the oven.  I think it’s a lot quicker to cook it on the stove but of course he has to follow her recipe and it takes him 2 hours!  It was very good.





もともと収穫量が少ないのですが今年は更に少ないとのことで去年より若干お値段が上がった上に、Brexit のお陰で関税がかかり更にお高くなりました(涙)。以前はヨーロッパから関税なしにネットでお買い物が気軽に出来たのに、今年に入ってからは関税がかかるようになり本当に迷惑な話しです。シンガポールにも送っていただいていて、遠い分送料が高く、やっとイギリスになって送料の割合が減ったと喜んでいたのですが、関税が結構高くて1本につき5ポンド(750円)以上かかります。

This year’s new Olive Oil arrived today from Umbria.  We’ve been buying this oil for quite a few years.  We love fresh olive oil.

This is quite a small olive oil farm so they don’t produce a huge amount but every year the amount produced is getting less so the price is going up, too.  On top of that, we had to pay duty from this year because of Brexit.  We could buy products from Europe without worrying about duty last year but this year we have to.  There doesn’t seem to have been anything good from Brexit.   We were having this oil sent to Singapore when we lived there and the shipping fee was very high as you can imagine and we were happy that the shipping fee isn’t so bad to England, but now that we have to pay duty it’s expensive again.  Just the duty cost more than 5 pounds per bottle.


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