Pancake Cannelloni


The other day, I said to my husband, “We haven’t had Pancake Cannelloni for a long time, have we?” and he said, “Really?  I thought we had it not so long ago.”  Then yesterday he said “I’ll make Pancake Cannelloni for dinner tomorrow, you said we hadn’t had it for a while.”  Yay!  Searching my blog, it was in July when we had it last, so it’s been more than a half year.


So, my husband cooked the dinner today alone.  We usually cook together but it’s usually me who chooses what to cook so I tend to do more, so I think he wants to cook alone now and again.

パンケーキ・カネロニはDelia Smith の昔からある料理本のレシピで、パスタのカネロニの代わりにクレープを焼いてミートソースを包み、上からホワイトソースをかけてこんがり焼いたもの、夫の得意料理です。柔らかいクレープとホワイトソースとラグーの組み合わせが、本当に美味しいです!ご馳走様〜!

Pancake Cannelloni is from an old Delia Smith cookery book. It uses pancakes (Crepes) instead of Cannelloni pasta to wrap ragu and is covered with white sauce and baked in the oven until the top is nice and brown. One of my husband’s favourite meals to cook.  The combination of soft pancake, white sauce and ragu is so delicious!  A big thank-you to my husband.




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